cal-34 line drawing

Cal 34


I have a few drawings of the Cal 34. These are done from scans that I have heavily edited to get the "bad stuff out" as the drawings were not in the best of shape. But they are useable as they exist.

I was promised a set of drawings for the series 1 Cal 34 about 6 months ago but they have been inexplicately delayed. I am sure they will arrive but simply have no idea when that will be. My plans to make them available online in several forms will simply have to wait. 
The owners manual was scanned from my original. As you may notice, manuals of that time period were not really detailed but it is what it is. I added a few extra scans into the manual that are simply sales brochures.

Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Sail Plan

Drawing 1
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Drawing 2
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Sail Plan
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PHRF Pg. 1 Cal 34 logo PHRF Page 2
PHRF Pg. 1
This was in the documents I received when I purchased Tejana. I don't race but I am publishing these here hoping that someone may glean information from them.
Owners Manual
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PHRF Pg. 2