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Cal 34


In the mid 60's, Bill Lapworth produced a boat called the Cal 40. Despite dire  predictions by "experts" that it would not sail well, the rudder would fall off and God only knows what else, it went on to dominate sailboat racing for a number of years. The Cal 40 is to sailing as Carol Shelby's AC Cobra is to auto racing or the P-51 Mustang is to fighter aircraft: legends that, at the mere mention of their name, will put a gleam in an old man's eye that was not there moments before.

The Cal 34 is based upon the same design as the Cal 40. There are others similar in design but what makes the Cal 34 different is that I own a Cal 34. As she is my first boat, she has the same status first girlfriend: there is something special about the first anything.

Her vital statistics are :

  • L.O.A.                          33'3"
  • L.W.L                              26'
  • Beam                              10'
  • Draft                                 5'
  • Ballast                   3750 lbs.
  • Displacement         9500 lbs.
  • Sail Area              515 sq. ft

My particular Cal 34 is a 1969 or a 1970 model,  hull number is #301. She spent most of her life in or near San Diego, CA under the name of TRUANT. I found her in Mission Bay and eventually, with the assistance of a lovely blue-eyed blonde lady, christened her TEJANA. Several years later I shipped her to Clear Lake, TX  where she resided for nearly 10 years.

I travel a LOT and am out of the country a large part of the time. When Hurricane Rita rolled through a litle over a year ago I was working in China, predictions showed Rita rolling right over my lovely Tejana and there was dammned little I could do about it. I did what any sensible man would do in my situation: I held a wake in her honor with the assistance of a gentleman by the name of Jameson in Beijing.

Once again, God took care of me, Rita veered at the last moment and just squeeked by TEJANA.

Strangely, I know the reason for this. Perched inside my Cal, in the galley, on the starboard bulkhead, is the plastic Jesus my Grandmother, Katie,  had for so many years on the dashboard of her old Dodge Wayfarer.

Now, when God talks, I listen. Actually, we have discussions. Some serious in nature, some not. This has been going on since my days in Viet Nam. You can believe some of those were serious in nature. Anyway, while  I was there, during one particular discussion, we came to an agreement and things have been pretty good since then.

God spoke once again, in Rita, and I moved her to Lake Texoma on the Texas/Oklahoma border. Lake Texoma is the home of Valiant Yachts. Tejana is at the same marina as Valiant Yachts. The people there helpful beyond belief and are doing some of the work on Tejana. I am doing as much of the work myself as my schedule allows because the more work you do yourself the better you know the boat.

I initially had planned to focus exclusively on the Cal 34 as there are a number of Cal sites that cover large portions or all of the Cal line. But my own enthusiasm has moved me to include anything that has an attachment to water, particularly salt water. So it is. I have a few pics and a bit of history on Martin Fountain, great-grandfather of the galley wench. And there are boats I have simply run across in my meanderings. I hope you find something interesting in this site. I hope to get around to weekly updates. Check back on occasion for the latest.

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Updated 4-1-07